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Before writing an essay, it’s crucial to understand what it actually is. In a nutshell, any essay is a piece of writing that gives the author’s own argument or shows their personal point of view. In other words, whether you are assigned to prepare an argumentative essay, a persuasive essay, a narrative essay, or any other, it should have a clear statement. One more important thing to remember is that this type of academic papers usually includes the introduction part that presents the thesis statement, the body paragraphs with the explanation of the author’s point of view supported by evidence, and the concluding part with the major points of the work and possible suggestions or warnings. Moreover, like any other academic paper, it should be written with a particular purpose and be useful for the reader. Therefore, if you want to write a great essay, the first thing you should do is plan out your time. This will greatly facilitate your task! To further help you with that, we have prepared the following guidelines and steps to writing an essay that stands out.


1. Choose the right topic. 

The truth is that you can write an effective essay only in case you have the right topic. So it’s high time for brainstorming! Carefully think about all possible topics, as the quality of your work largely depends on this choice. Consider the following tips on how to pick a proper topic that will make an essay stand out:

  • choose the topic you are personally interested in or, at least, try to find an angle that can make it interesting to you;
  • select something you already know about to reduce the time needed for research;
  • choose a manageable topic that fits the requirements of the assignment;
  • look for reliable sources to understand whether you have enough data for your work;
  • make a list of essay topics and gradually cross out those that don’t seem to fit your professor’s requirements or interest you the least;
  • ask your friends, parents, or professor to give you some new ideas in case you are stuck;
  • think about your favorite things (e.g. hobby, sport, book, TV show, fashion, etc.) for inspiration.

2. Create an essay outline. 

Once you pick the topic for your work, you should take all the thoughts and organize them into an effective outline to begin the drafting process. Keep in mind that in most cases, you need to prepare a five paragraph essay, which means that your paper should include an introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. This is actually the basic pattern for almost all types of essay. Here is a simple example of such an outline:

  • I. Introduction paragraph
  • A. A hook to catch the reader’s attention
  • B. Thesis statement
  • II. Body paragraphs
  • A. First point:
  • 1. Fact or sample that confirms the first point
  • 2. Fact or sample that confirms the first point
  • 3. Fact or sample that confirms the first point
  • B. Second point:
  • 1. Fact or sample that confirms the second point
  • 2. Fact or sample that confirms the second point
  • 3. Fact or sample that confirms the second point
  • C. Third point:
  • 1. Fact or sample that confirms the third point
  • 2. Fact or sample that confirms the third point
  • 3. Fact or sample that confirms the third point
  • III. Concluding paragraph
  • A. Thesis re-statement
  • B. Concluding sentence with some suggestions/warnings/solutions

3. Build a clear thesis statement. 

A thesis statement is probably the most important part of any academic paper. After all, it represents your point of view or a central message of the entire work. Therefore, if you want to write a paper able to bring you a high grade, take your time and really think about its main idea. Here are some tips on how to write a thesis statement for essay to facilitate this process:

  • avoid complex words and technical jargon to make your thesis statement clear;
  • limit the thesis so that your work would fit in the required number of pages;
  • ensure the reader will easily find and understand your argument;
  • don’t use the statement to announce your topic or report a well-known fact;
  • state you point of view or argument to make your work useful;
  • don’t try to make a complex issue seem more simple;
  • ensure your thesis statement is original;
  • don’t use generic words;
  • clarify your idea as much as possible.

4. Write an introduction. 

Obviously, any academic paper should have an introduction. It serves as a ‘map’ to guide the reader through your work and present your argument or point of view on the given issue. Therefore, if you want to catch the reader’s attention, ensure you have an excellent introduction. Here is what you should know about this important paragraph:

  • Start with a hook. A quote, a surprising fact, a shocking statement, and an anecdote are all good ways to start an essay.
  • Provide some background for your argument if necessary. This will help people understand the purpose of your work.
  • Briefly preview the structure of your paper to tell the reader what to expect.
  • Present your thesis statement. Ensure it is clear and specific. Remember, a properly built statement is the most important thing that makes people keep reading your paper.
  • Make a transition. Your argument shouldn’t be the last sentence in the introduction part, so you have to make a natural transition.

5. Write the body paragraphs. 

Body paragraphs are intended to prove, explain, or describe your thesis statement. Here is exactly where you have to include your main points or ideas supported by evidence. Thus, if you have three main points or ideas, you have to create three body paragraphs; if you have more points/ideas – you need more paragraphs respectively. Consider these simple essay writing tips on how to structure each body paragraph:

  • start with the main point that supports your statement;
  • give several convincing facts or samples to this point;
  • provide elaboration for each of them;
  • include a summary sentence if necessary.

Keep in mind that if you have difficulties with the introduction, you can create the body paragraphs first. After all, to properly organise your statement is much easier when all your points and ideas are already explained, described, or supported by evidence.

6. Make a conclusion. 

A concluding paragraph is your last chance to convince the reader to take your position on a particular issue or prove that your idea has the right to exist. Moreover, a properly written conclusion not only restates and confirms your thesis but also provides the reader with some suggestions, warnings, or solutions to the given issue. In this way, if you want to write good essays and get only high grades for your work, you need the conclusion to be complete and provocative. Moreover, it’s important to end your paper with a flourish. For example, you can conclude the work with a call to action, make an appeal to the reader’s emotions, or include some irony. However, do not overdo it! After all, your main goal is to prove your thesis statement and make others look at the given issue from your point of view.

7. Revise your paper. 

Wait a day or two and re-read your work. It is crucial if you want your paper to be polished. Start with checking your statement and supporting points. Pay attention to the whole structure of your work. Is everything clear to the reader? If you have any doubts, something is wrong, and you need to make changes. Further, MLA writing format, APA writing format, or any other essay format are not all the same, so ensure your work is properly formatted. Last but not least, remove any repetitive or unnecessary words and check your paper for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Do not hesitate to ask your parent or friend to proofread your work for the better result. After all, to use a fresh pair of eyes is always a smart idea.Now you know exactly how to write an essay step by step. So start early, plan out your time, and follow these guidelines! However, if you are not sure you can create an awesome essay or simply have no free time for it, you can always come to us for professional help! We can not only provide you with the custom written paper but also assist you at any stage of your own work! 

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